Hello, I am Kevinton
Developer and an aspiring Data Analyst

I have been working on Machine Learning Algorithms with Python for quite some time. My love for Web Development and Creative Programming has led me so far. I have a reasonable grasp of using HTML-CSS, Java and specifically Python.

Personal Info

  • NameKevinton B
  • Date of BirthOctober 19, 1997
  • E-mailkevintonb@gmail.com
  • AddressNungambakkam, Chennai
  • Phone+91 88704-57970


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Work Experience

  • Paygeto  
    2017 - Present

    Paygeto is an emerging startup trying to solve hassle free peer to peer payments between merchants and users. Paygeto hopes to make all the payments to be made digitalyl. All transactions are made bank-to-bank with Paygeto as the mediator. It eliminates the vintage style of carrying a debit/credit card all the time around the day.

  • Ninjaroot
    2015 - 2017

    Ninjaroot is a technology blog with all the latest updates and reviews of all techologies, gadgets and news. Ninjaroot was sold and handed over for an offer in January 2017. This was my first project ever and it was a classic hit.


  • Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology
    2015 - Present

    I am currently pursuing my B.Tech Information Technology degree in LICET under Anna University Curriculum. I've indulged myself into Projects, Workshops and Paper Presentaions.

  • Jeevana School
    2013 - 2015

    Completed my Higher-Secondary Graduation in Jeevana International Higher Secondary School

  • Vikaasa School
    2000 - 2013

    Did my Kindergarten, Middle-School and High-School graduation until my 10th grade was done in this school


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  • Linux 71%

  • Web Development 85%

  • Photography 76%

  • Data Analytics 53%

  • Python Scripting 69%


A part of my achievements and accomplishment set. My full resume is under build and will be uploaded soon. Get to know my humble skill-set.

Contact Me

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My Info

I have provided my contact information. Ping me on WhatsApp , Mail me or Call me or fill in the form below. I will definitely find time to respond. You can also suggest me on improvements that are to be noted. Feel free to share your views and help me grow. Click below !